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Our Missions

Business Contribution

ASTeA Consulting is the bridge between partners and customers.

The choice of partners is decisive for implementing the company’s strategy.

We attach particular importance to responsiveness, product quality and innovation.

This will is strongly put at the service of customers.

Direct contact with decision-makers considerably shortens the deadlines as well as the decision-making, allowing rapid resolutions and solutions adapted to complex technical needs.

Affaires Introduction 2

Advices and Technical Expertise

  • Green Sand Casting

    • Sandblasting Audit

    • Installation, sand circuit

    • Sandblasting report

    • Qualification of additives for green moulding (bentonite, carbon additives, etc.)

    • Dashboard​​

  • Technical Audit

    • ​​Metallurgy

    • Embedding

    • Molding

    • Metal Distribution

  • Management – Organisation

    • Organizational chart

    • Services Mission

    • Services Interaction

  • Mineral Industry Location

    • Crushing

    • Grinding

    • Drying

    • Packaging

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