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About ASTeA-Consulting

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Didier Legrand

Didier Legrand

Etienne Legrand

Etienne Legrand

Didier Legrand

ASTeA-Consulting Founder

“From the start, my professional life has been dedicated to the foundry field.

After a first experience in a family foundry where my father worked for 47 years, I had the opportunity to discover the profession.

New challenges then presented themselves within this company, then in others subsequently, offering expanded responsibilities, involving the supervision of staff at all levels, other means of production and other metallurgies.

Following these first 13 years of career, the desire to progress ever further in the technical knowledge of the foundry profession lead me to work for a manufacturer of products intended for foundries. The numerous cases encountered in my technical sales roles were very educational, particularly in the customer advice mission.

I was then given the chance to take on the management and general management of this French subsidiary within a booming group which was opening up its capital to internationalize.

The development and success of this group offered me new European responsibilities initially, then International.

Having moved away from the essential values of the profession and having lost proximity to customers, the creation of the company ASTeA-Consulting in 2019 allowed me to get back to these fundamental elements on a daily basis and be close again of the technical side in order to provide fast, efficient and innovative solutions.

In continuation of the desired family spirit, ASTeA-Consulting ensures its future development through the integration of my son Etienne into the company since the end of 2023.

The transmission of knowledge and skills acquired throughout my exciting career allows us to perpetuate the values of ASTeA within an equally exciting profession!

Didier Legrand

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